Pri-Primary School

The process of admission begins in the month of Janaury as per RTE Act.2009

  • Birth certificate is essential for the admission.
  • Mini K.G - 2 & 1/2 years complete
  • Jr.K.G - 3 years complete
  • Sr.K.G - 4 years complete

Total 273 students are enjoying the educational facility in the academic year 2014-15 in Pre-Primary School

Semi English classes starts from K.G.

To create interest about English language among the students of Marathi medium school, teachers create advanced teaching aids like puppet show, P.P.T, e-learning, etc.

Most of the students participate in English as well as other activities like picnic, annual function, welcome song, etc.

Pri-Primary School

Primary & Secondary School

Primary School

After the commencement of the academic year, the admission process begins

  • For 1st Std., 5 years of age should be completed.
  • Total 626 students are enjoying the educational facility in the academic year 2014 - 15

Secondary School

After the commencement of the academic year, the admission process begins for 5th - 10th Std.

There are 1151 students in the academic year 2014-15

School Activities

To develop English language skills among the students of Marathi medium school, every year school conducts English Day Celebration activity, twice a year. Besides learning, every day assemblies give the students impressionable information to inculcate good manners.

For the personality development and prosperity in intelligence of the student school always undertake many activities. So school is k as ''Activities Based School."

To know the meaning of life through education, various festivals are celebrated in school. Also the lives of great personalities in Indian history, art and science are also celebrated on specific days to help the students stay connected to their true roots.

Information about history, great personalities, various places, events, cultural, geographical,healthcare, media, puzzles etc. are displayed on the walls of school corridor to enrich their knowledge.

Our school arranges annual gatherings every year to make the students aware of Indian culture and develop inter personal skills.

We participate in various inter-school competitions. We have been awarded in events like elocution, drawing, essay, group dance, and folk dance competitions.

For happier teaching learning process, advanced technology like e-learning, power point presentation etc. are conducted

Every year educational picnics are arranged for building bonds of unity among the students.

School always implements the various activities to create an ideal atmosphere for study. At the time of Morning Prayer we make them hear various musical records to grow their interest in music.

Every week we decorate school surrounding creatively by teachers and students. Every Monday after school we sing our Complete National Anthem.

We form clan panchayat in every class and select student's representatives. The clan monitors are then responsible for discipline, sports, study and cultural activities of their clan members.

We celebrate 'Teacher's Day' with the help of students as 'Students Day'. Students assist the staff; which helps boost respect about teachers.

Science Day, Language Day is celebrated. We have competition of ''Atharvashirsha and Mantrapushpanjali'' for students every year and the winners are rewarded. Every year the numbers of winners are steadily increasing

Four times in a year we have parent meetings besides which, we hold personal meetings with parents for any problem of the students. The most remarkable thing is that we visit students at their residence in case of any special difficulties.

Healthcare camps are also organized in school.

We have great personalities like Vijay Tendulkar, Ashok Bagave, Pravin Davane, Vijaya Wad as well as Vikas Subnis, Vijayraj Bodhankar, Prashant Kulkarni , Haider Ali, Swapnil Joshi,Promod Pawar,Kumar Ketkar,Dr.Vilas Ujawane,Ashok Sathe from the fields of literature, art and film industry as our alumini.

In our school we undertake handwriting competition, reading classes to hone imaginations etc. While reading, we emphasis on intonation, pronunciation and speed of reading.

Middleschool Scholarship & Highschool Scholarship

Scholarship coaching classes begins in last week of June

Nearly sixty practice question papers are held for each subject.Our School forms minimum 5 question paper sets for student besides we also use exam papers from different publications.

The results are declared instantly and explanation is given for all the answers

To declare instant results, we have latest software that checks the answer sheets and gives marksheets in no time.

We arrange group exam where nearly 2500 students participate in Mumbai and suburban areas. Their results are sent to the respective schools before main exam. This helps to boost the confidence of the students. The students who get higher marks in group exam are likely to become scholarship holders. The papers are checked carefully according to the government rules.

    Successful State wise Students

  • Mahesh Rohidas Sable in 1999 topped First in Mumbai and Fourth in Maharashtra in Highschool Scholarship examination
  • Sanskar Sanjay Wavale, in 2011 stood Second in Mumbai in the Middleschool Scholarship.
  • The number of Scholarship holders from primary and secondary are 384 till date. No.of Scholarship holders is increasing every year in both the Scholarship
Pri-Primary School

S. S. C.

Pri-Primary School

After the declaration of STD. IX th annual result. Std Xth classes begins in the month of April. Very first day of that month, teachers start giving corrections on classwork and homework notebooks. In the end of the same month we take unit test on the particular syllabus and immediately declare results. For 10th Std. class starts regularly on 1st June and from that day teachers start teaching all the subjects. We conduct unit test, semesters, prelium as well as practice papers on various topics every year.

School conducts Parent Meetings, 4 times in a year. For STD X, the meetings are always divided according the percentage of every test.

They are above 85%, the below 40% and between 40% to 80%; so as to help all students to improve their marks in approching exams.

Meeting parents for individual guidance and to solve difficulties of the student

Extra classes are conducted in the period of Diwali and Ganpati vacation

After complition the whole syllabus we conduct study camp of 20 days. From morning 7.00 am to evening 6.00 pm. students solve 30 to 32 question papers in that period under the guidance of our teacher and prepare themselves for the board exam.

After preliminary Exam we conduct two practice exams by providing Barcode sticker, Hollow craft sticker and answer papers as per the board norms.

School concentrates by putting extra efforts on the students who achieves above 85% marks in the prelium exam. Students are provided various question papers from various schools to develop their exam skills.

Karate Classes

Karate does not mean fighting only but it is aimed at self-defence by various skills. With the help of karate we can live and lead very happy and healthy life. By acquiring good physical and mental health we perform over all daily rooting very skillfull and happily. So the karate plays an important role in students life.

There are 10 girls and 25 Boys are undergoing in Karate Activities. Karate trainer takes classes twice in the week on Tuesday and Friday.Timing of the karate classes is from 7.00 pm 9.00 pm.

Although we are offering our student National level of Karate Training Classes We are charging them minimum amount of Admission and Monthly fees just for 100 Rs.

Our Karate students takes part in various competitions.Most of them succeeded to grasp National level medals.

Pri-Primary School

Kotak Education Foundation

Pri-Primary School

Kotak Education Foundation is well known in the field of education. To improve the educational quality & enrich communication skills in vernacular medium, Kotak Education Foundation has been working in our school last 5 years. The association started with Spoken English classes for teachers. It was aimed at the improvement in vocabulary & English. We have also trained teachers of Science and Maths in Semi - English. These trainings were held at Kotak Education Office, Chembur. To make aware of the Computer knowledge for teachers, training of computers was also arranged for them.

Kotak Education Foundation helps the students by various scholarships. One such is the Kotak Scholarship given to the students who have passed 10th Std with more than 80 % marks who belong to economically backward classes. The Kotak Udan Scholarship is given to 7th Std. passed students who are orphans, living with relatives and are economically backward as well as disabled.

Kotak Education Foundation runs spoken English classes for students of 7th & 8th std. The classes are arranged after school hours . They help them to speak as well as to improve their vocabulary. Students also take part in English and Cultural programmes.

They arrange eye camps for students & provide spectacles to those who are weak in eyesight. Girls of Std 7-9th are given hemoglobin tablets to increase their hemoglobin level in the body. Kotak Education Foundation arranges meetings for parents of spoken English Classes students to interact with parents about the student's progress.

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